Conditions Treated


David treats patients of all ages, from children, through to adult and elderly.


 Back and Neck Pain


 Persistent Pain


 Sports Injuries




Active Physiotherapy


Why Choose Activephysiotherapy?


  • Many years clinical experience
  • Expert diagnosis
  • Clear explanations
  • Proven pathway to recovery
  • We can see you almost immediately
  • Latest evidence based treatment

Persistent Pain



  • Clear understanding of your pain

  • Guided pathway to recovery

  • Return to the activities you enjoy

  • Do I need surgery?

  • Provide second opinion for complex or persistent problems

Sports Injuries



  • Expert diagnosis of your injury

  • Many years of experience treating athletes

  • Proven treatments for quickest recovery

  • Return to your sport safely

  • Prevent reinjury

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy


  • Advanced training in diagnosis

  • Successful treatment of more complex injuries

  • Latest evidence based treatment

  • Emphasis on helping you, not just your injury

  • “Hands on” treatment

  • Individual, personal care