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Treating Chronic Pain 

Your story is personal and specific for you. Hearing your story gives incites and direction on how to treat your pain or injury. It ensures treatment is aimed at the root cause and not just the symptoms.  

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About David Fidler

David Fidler is an experienced physiotherapist who completed both undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in Australia. He works with elite athletes, runners, sports injuries, all the way through to patients with aches and pains from normal daily activities.


He is passionate about physiotherapy and ensuring that you receive the latest and best evidence treatments to successfully treat your injury or pain. He regularly travels overseas attending courses and conferences to stay up to date with progress in physiotherapy.


His knowledge and experience makes him a leader in physiotherapy in Israel.


Active Physiotherapy is a boutique clinic offering unique standards of patient care. You can usually be seen within a day of phoning to make your appointment.  You will receive the personal attention and care that is not available through the public health system.


When treating injuries that are not improving or with persistent pain problems, time is needed with the patient. It is important to go through the history of your pain or injury and the impact that it has on your life. At Active Physiotherapy, David will give you a clear understanding of your problem so that you can actively participate in your treatment. His priority is to develop a self-management plan and not create a dependency on passive treatments and return visits.


David Fidler will put you on the road to recovery and get you back to the activities you enjoy doing.  


Contact Active Physiotherapy today and put an end to your pain.

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