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Tying Shoelaces

Injury Prevention

Before starting exercise it is worthwhile to get a general health check up from your doctor. If you haven’t been exercising it is also important to visit a physiotherapist who can assess potential problems to your unfit muscles, ligaments and nerves.

Often pain and injury occur because of unrealistic expectations and consequently pushing too hard, too quick or maybe just being unskilled in the movement. A personal trainer may also be helpful initially to give you guidance on how to progress stress or train unfit tissues. Warming up before exercise is important and again your physiotherapist or trainer can show you a simple, general routine of warmup exercises. Wearing the latest fashion is not important but a general understanding of appropriate equipment and clothing is helpful.


Maintaining a balanced diet and fluid intake is important when putting any physical stress on the body.


Most important is to listen to your body. Symptoms such as pain, weakness shortness of breath, light headedness, should be taken seriously, followed by a visit to your doctor. Not always is pain a sign of injury but going to your physiotherapist will help you to check out causes and then know if it is safe to return or continue sport.


Getting fit is fun and the results will give you a feeling of well being. Being fit has also been shown to help against depression.


Remember to have realistic expectations on your pathway to fitness and seek advice from trainers along the way. Attend to injuries and pain quickly by going to a musculoskeletal physiotherapist who can diagnose the cause of your pain and put you quickly on the path of recovery.

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