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Neck Pain

Active Physiotherapy Jerusalem can provide relief for your neck pain.  Neck pain affects about one in ten people at any time.  Usually neck pain improves with physiotherapy.


Why is neck pain so common?


Throughout our daily lives we are sitting, mostly reading, writing, watching television or working in front of a computer.  This can put strain on the tissues around the neck causing “danger signals” to be sent through neural pathways to the brain. As we are so focused on the computer, we might not feel pain or ignore the feeling and just continue.  This can result further increasing strain and damage to the neck tissues.  Eventually, symptoms such as pain and stiffness manifest themselves and will continue unless treatment is given.

If you continue to ignore signs such as pain or stiffness, or continue activities despite symptoms, chronic neck pain eventuates.


This may lead to spreading of pain to the shoulder, down the arm, headaches, and even tingling and numbness into the hand.


When should I seek treatment?


It is always better to seek help early or if you notice that symptoms persist.  Treatment is usually quicker and easier in the early stages.  It is recommended to seek help if you experience the following:


  • Feeling neck restriction when reversing the car or stiffness and pain looking up

  • Persistent necking aching at rest or when sitting for long periods

  • Sudden onset of neck pain or “locking” of neck movement, usually to one side, ‘wry neck”

  • If you feel tingling or numbness down the arm or in the hands

  • Following a motor vehicle accident, “whiplash”

  • Persistent headaches


What happens in treatment?


Firstly, there will be an initial examination in order to diagnose your neck and discuss with you aims of treatment.  Treatment may include some of the following:


Manual therapy to reduce pain and restore neck mobility

Treatment to reduce neck muscle spasm

Active exercises to maintain neck function

Education on how to look after your neck and prevent reoccurrence

Advice on posture and sitting as this is one of the major contributors to chronic neck pain.

Stability exercise to protect the joint and prevent deterioration


Call Active Physiotherapy for advice or to make an appointment.

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