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Back Massage

Common Injuries

At Active Physiotherapy, David Fidler provides a professional and caring service to deal with your musculoskeletal and orthopaedic injuries.


He focuses on communication and accurate diagnosis to treat and manage your problem ensuring a speedy recovery and return to your activities.


David treats patients of all ages, from children, through to adult and elderly.  He provides help for all levels of activity including people with a sedentary lifestyle, to those who participate in recreational exercise, up to the elite sportsman.

Some of the conditions that are treated include:

back pain .jpg

Back Pain

disc problems, degenerative joints, sudden back strain

Shoulder pain M.jpg

Shoulder Pain

supraspinatus, rotator cuff injuries, dislocations

lower back pain.jpg

Chronic Pain

fibromyalgia, CPRS, ongoing pain more than two months

kneck pain.jpg

Neck Pain

wry neck, whiplash injury, computer pain, posture

knee pain_edited.jpg

Knee Pain

osteoarthritis, pre and post op surgery

hip pain.jpg


wearing of joint surface, pain in hip and knee


Head Pain

headache from neck problems

elbow pain.jpg

Tennis Elbow

pain in the elbow when lifting or hand use

back pain .jpg


radiating pain/tingling into the leg


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