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Knee Pain

The knee joint is a commonly injured during sporting activities.


Knee pain might happen during sport, with sudden twisting, a direct contact injury or prolonged stress to the knee joint. However sport, including running, is healthy for the knee joint and research is showing that there is no direct causal relationship between doing sport and having knee problems later in life.


Will I benefit from physiotherapy? 


Following a stress injury to the knee, patients may experience pain, giving way, grating, swelling, heat, loss of confidence putting weight through the leg, and even poor balance and poor control in walking or standing.


If knee symptoms are felt, it is important to seek early advice. Although pain may settle with time, it is important to check that full function is restored before returning to sport or activity, so that the injury does not become a recurrent or continuing problem.


If there has been structural damage or following acute injury, a period of rest with gentle movement is important till the acute inflammatory stage settles.


This should be followed by a graded rehabilitation plan with the help of your physiotherapist, till full function is restored.


 Contact David Fidler today and attend to your knee injury and pain so that you can return to activity you enjoy.

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