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Rock in Sand


Your story is personal and specific for you. Hearing your story gives incites and direction on how to treat your pain or injury. It ensures treatment is aimed at the root cause and not just the symptoms.  

Understanding Pain

Pain is usually what causes you to seek help. Pain can also be seen as an instinctive protective mechanism.  Pain is usually understood in terms of tissue injury, but pain is more complex than this. Understanding what pain means to you and what it does not mean, influences what you will chose to do when in pain.


Clear explanations and understanding your pain, will help to ensure that you receive the best treatment for your problem and then safely return you to what you enjoy doing. ​


Once you have a clear understanding of the problem, options for treatment will be discussed with you. The treatment will be specifically tailored for your problem and what you want to achieve. We aim to provide you with the highest standard of care and the most up to date treatment available.   


Using a combination of knowledge, hands on treatment and exercises you will get back to your desired activities as quickly as possible. 

Rock in Sand

Self Management​

“Fearless, thoughtless movement” (ref:L.Gifford) is mostly taken for granted until you experience pain or injury. A traumatic event may cascade into loss of confidence and loss of trust in your body. It is therefore important during and also following treatment, that you have tools and strategies to maintain fitness and prevent re-injury.


Our online exercise programs, telephone, and email contact, support your recovery both during and after treatment. 

Rock in Sand
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